Surprise wedding in Cap Ferret

Mariage surprise au Cap Ferret

Sometimes there are completely crazy projects that ring at your door!

It was Jenny from My event by Jenny who came to meet me, to tell me about a challenge to take up: creating a wedding dress for a surprise wedding!

The concept: the bride is not aware that she is going to get married! So I won't see the future bride!

I admit, I remained doubtful for two seconds, but I accepted!

After discussing the feasibility of this outfit, I decide to direct the choices towards my ready-to-wear collection. Creating a bespoke wedding dress would have required full measurements to be taken, as this was impossible not to arouse the suspicions of the bride-to-be, the ready-to-wear option was perfect.

The game's rules:

The accomplices: the future groom, the sister of the bride

Where: A villa in Cap Ferret

Constraint: Only one fitting, 24 hours before the ceremony!

Jenny's organization:

The future groom's mission is to transmit the size of the bride, (identity card in support for her measurements, spying on the dressing room of her bride to confirm her size.

The sister of the bride, tells us the styles that her sister likes.

The choice: the ivory collection is very vast, the accomplices are unanimous, the bride will love it!

Regarding the bottom, the pants are not possible for a wedding by the beach, we are left with the asymmetrical skirt. However, the sister of the bride does not imagine her sister wearing it.

So I propose, the creation of a long skirt.

I propose a long crepe skirt, slightly satiny. A 360' skirt that turns!

Skirt validated by the team. The making of the skirt is launched.

I propose to everyone to let the future bride choose the top, it is important that the future bride has the final decision-making power on her wedding outfit.

I select 5 tops from the ivory collection , which go perfectly with the skirt.

Everything is ready, here we are 24 hours before the ceremony, Marie from the My event by Jenny team picks me up at the shop, the covers of the outfits in the car, we leave for the villa.

Imagine my stress, was she going to say yes to the marriage proposal that was going to be made during our car trip?

Was she going to like the outfit we had planned for her?

Everything went well, she said YES!!! I met Amandine, she was delighted to learn that the father of her children had this brilliant idea! I was able to reassure her and accompany her in the discovery of her future wedding dress.

Her choice fell on the Olympe top with its sublime bare back and American armholes.

Amandine, wanted to keep her bra, I had planned everything! The bow sold in the shop was with me, it magically hides the bra, and the bride-to-be feels very comfortable with her bare back for her wedding day.

This crazy weekend has been a wonderful adventure, which I am not ready to forget!

I thank Jenny who trusts me and recommends me to her future brides.

Nothing is impossible at the workshop, everything is possible to satisfy our brides in the quest for their perfect wedding dress.

Thanks to Amandine, the groom Mickaël, Gaëlle the sister of the bride for your trust.

Their testimonials:

"Golden fingers! Christelle has done an extraordinary job .. both on the professional side and on the relational side.
Great quality and precision work. Everything was perfect .

Christelle is a professional who will guide you by respecting your wishes, and your personality to be the prettiest on your wedding day.
For my part, she did a superb job and was able to find the dress of my dreams because the mission entrusted to her was not the least since she had to make a dress for a bride she had never met and who did not know herself that she was going to get married!

Thank you again for your support, your advice and your professionalism.


"Christelle made the perfect outfit for my sister who was getting married. It was a surprise for the bride so no fitting of the skirt and top before the day before the ceremony. Thanks to her attentiveness and her meticulous work, the outfit was splendid and the bride really liked it. Thank you again Christelle, you took up the challenge perfectly ☺️


"Our future brides are always delighted with the advice given by Christelle in making the most beautiful dress of their lives!
A warm workshop and an unparalleled listening that we can only recommend! For each bride her creation, we are each time dazzled and even surprised to see how much the outfits of our brides resemble them!


Photos: Unisensart

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