Quality, sustainability and eco-responsibility: the 3 values of the House

Engagements de la Maison

Christelle Vasseur Couture's workshop is part of a sustainable and eco-responsible approach in the world of weddings, while guaranteeing the quality of the products.

Whether for tailor-made or for the ready-to-wear collection, the models are made by hand, from creation to final completion, in the heart of the fashion house in Bordeaux. We work as much as possible with French manufacturers selected with the greatest care. In order to safeguard French craftsmanship, we work with textile companies labeled EPV – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. This label makes it possible to distinguish French companies judged to be of excellence, in order to offer you the best possible quality of products.
Since 2019, the Atelier Christelle Vasseur Couture has been certified Origine France Garantie , which allows total transparency as to the origin of the raw materials. The silks come from the Lyon region, and the laces only from Calais. The quality of each piece and the mastery of the know-how associated with the noble French materials make the success of the House.
To allow the durability of the brand's products, the ready-to-wear collection is designed in a very thoughtful way by the designer, and without excess stock. Each model is designed to become an essential part of your wardrobe that you will never get tired of. Available in only 2 colours, these are basics that can be worn for any occasion. If you opt for an ivory top on your civil wedding day, you can wear it later by pairing it with a denim piece.
Here, Isée is wearing the Camille top with her favorite jeans!
Many brides-to-be believe that the solution for an eco-responsible wedding is to rent the wedding dress or buy it from a second-hand dress shop. But Christelle Vasseur offers tailor-made solutions that can be postponed later in other circumstances. She will create a two-piece wedding dress for you to wear, for example, the bodysuit with a skirt or jeans. In this way, no waste, you will have the dress of your dreams, which will be recycled and will not remain at the bottom of the wardrobe.
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