Christelle Vasseur's dual-purpose wedding dresses exhibited at the Made in France fair in Bordeaux

Les robes de mariée à double emploi de Christelle Vasseur exposées au salon Made in France à Bordeaux
"The Gironde wedding dress designer, Christelle Vasseur, will have a stand at the Made in France show in Bordeaux from March 11 to 13. The opportunity to show that the pieces that make up a wedding outfit can be worn several times. An event in partnership with France Bleu Gironde.
12 years ago, Christelle Vasseur launched her wedding dress workshop in Podensac. But for a month and a half, she opened a shop in Bordeaux , looking for more visibility. It will be present at the Salon Made in France in Bordeaux in partnership with the Assises du Produc in France. Several special broadcasts will take place on France Bleu Gironde on occasion.

In addition to her dresses, she offers a range of ready-to-wear made from the same luxurious materials. All the fabrics come from France: lace from Calais, silk from Lyon. Christelle Vasseur works alone and has been the only designer of wedding dresses with France Garantie origin certification since 2019, according to her.

Democratize materials considered luxurious

The sentence that Christelle Vasseur repeats all the time is: "Beautiful materials, it must be worn as often as possible" . The particularity of her creations is that the top of a wedding dress stands out and can also be worn for another occasion, with jeans for example.

In his shop, there is choice, but not too much. The designer favors timeless models. Reason why she only works in two colors: black and ivory . She has some stock for customers to try out, but other than that she doesn't want overproduction so she produces to order. It is possible to ask him for all sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

Before the start of the Made in France show, Christelle Vasseur inaugurates her Bordeaux boutique on Thursday March 10.

Article written by Jeanne Maisiat, published on March 9, 2022.

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