Who are we ?

Christelle Vasseur Couture is a fashion house specializing in making bespoke wedding dresses. It is certified Origine France Garantie for all creations.
We don't just create wedding dresses… Christelle Vasseur also makes your cocktail dresses, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, guest dresses, procession dresses and outfits for children. In addition, ready-to-wear collections are made by hand, at the Atelier, to dress your outfits with feminine and elegant pieces made from French materials and fabrics.



Why choose a bespoke wedding dress designer?

The very principle of made-to-measure is the perfect fit! Your dress will be the one you've always dreamed of. Unique, made and perfect for you, it will be made according to your measurements and your wishes. It will look like no other!
In addition, the fittings allow you a direct exchange with the designer who will understand your request and will be able to advise you for an achievement always closer to your ideal. Beyond a creation, it is a real bond that is created between you, your dress and Christelle Vasseur.

What budget should I plan for my bespoke wedding dress?

The cost of a made-to-measure wedding dress depends on the model, the work to be done and the fabrics you have selected.
Custom creations are from 3000€.

A precise estimate is established following the first appointment.

If I am pregnant, what happens?

If you are pregnant, don't panic! Christelle will know how to adapt the dress to body changes.

Are tailor-made creations only for the bride?

Whether you are the bride, mother, guest or bridesmaid, whether you want to dress your children... your requests will be made to perfection and tailor-made at the Atelier. With or without a prior idea, Christelle will know how to adapt to your request and will advise you in the best possible way.

Where are the tryouts held?

The fittings take place at the Atelier, in Bordeaux, at 28 rue Lafaurie de Monbadon. Christelle welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive.
You can make an appointment in advance by phone or by filling out the contact form.

​How long should I expect for the first appointment?

For the first appointment, allow about 2 hours. During this first exchange, you will discuss your future creation, you will try the different models of the shop. The designer will be able to advise you according to your morphology, and will present to you the different noble materials that will correspond perfectly to the realization of your outfit.

How many fittings should I count before the final realization of my dress?

The designer recommends four to five appointments.
The first, as said before, will be mainly dedicated to dialogue, the expression of your desires, your inspirations, the presentation of fabrics...
The second will correspond to the fitting of your prototype: it is the dress you have thought of, made on cotton canvas.
During future appointments, your dress will be made and adjusted, until it is finalized!

​Where are our dresses made? Where do the fabrics used come from?

Your dresses are made at the Atelier, in Bordeaux, by Christelle Vasseur only.
The fabrics used come from French suppliers. Your dress will be certified Origine France Garantie! The lace comes from Calais, the silk and the tulle from Lyon.

​How to pay?

Upon signing the quote, 30% of the amount of the dress will be payable. The balance can then be paid in installments.

​And regarding the delivery of the dress?

The dress can be kept at the Atelier until the last week before the wedding. It will be delivered to you in an opaque cover.



Is the ready-to-wear collection eco-responsible?
Just like our made-to-measure dresses, the ready-to-wear collections are certified Origine France Garantie. The pieces are made with the same materials as for the made-to-measure wedding dresses. The designer gets her supplies as close as possible to the Atelier in French textile industries to ensure local quality and made in France. In addition, the elements of the collection are produced according to demand so as to never have over-stock.

In addition, the collections are designed in a sustainable way: indeed, the pieces are timeless in your wardrobe and can be worn in any season, for any occasion and with the outfit of your choice thanks to neutral colours.

Is the collection part of the made-to-measure?

The collection is not made-to-measure. The clothes are made on demand based on orders placed on the site.

For an online order, what are the delivery times?

Your package will be delivered to you within two days after validation of your order.