A unique dress for a unique day

Une robe unique pour un jour unique

A tailor-made service

The first date is the most important because it will bring about the wedding dress of your dreams. All you have to do is bring inspiration and talk to the designer who will imagine the dress with you. You also have different models available for fitting to complete your desires. Once the measurements have been taken and the model well defined, a prototype is made in cotton canvas.

Creation of the pattern of the dress on a cotton canvas

The second appointment is the fitting of this prototype . Then, we make the necessary adjustments so that the dress is adjusted to your morphology. This is when your dress comes to life.

Once the adjustments have been made, the designer moves on to assembling your dress with the fabric you have chosen. The next interviews serve to finalize the model, and voilà, the dress is yours!

Tailor-made, yes, but why?

The choice of tailor-made is the choice of quality, comfort and the satisfaction of your desires. Above all, you choose the unique .

Making this choice with us means choosing French materials , local values ​​and more than personalized support. Every bride deserves to have the perfect dress for that unforgettable day. The goal of the designer: that her creations come to sublimate the body of women.

For a made-to-measure dress, the cost starts from €3,600. Why this price?

First of all for the support and advice that the designer brings you. With its know-how and your desires, a unique model will emerge. Craftsmanship is at the heart of the creations of our house, carried by our designer who has the status of craftsman . Each wedding dress, each piece intended for the civil wedding is handmade , with Haute Couture quality finishes.

Haute couture finishes on a top for a wedding dress

As said before, all the materials used are French, certified Origine France Garantie and have been carefully selected. Calais lace, Lyon tulle and silk,... A wide choice is at your disposal. Light and comfortable, the materials are soft and pleasant to the touch, you will not feel any discomfort. Also, our suppliers are labeled EPV (Living Heritage Company) and have excellent know-how , offering the best possible quality of textiles.

For further

Christelle Vasseur not only designs wedding dresses but also cocktail dresses . For the mother of the bride, bridesmaids, or any other occasion like a birthday; the shop offers the possibility of having a unique cocktail dress . And because children are also part of these occasions: you can also have a dress for the apple of your eye!

We know that the choice of the wedding dress is complicated, and that customers can hesitate. That's why the first appointment here is free . The only condition for this one is to respect the creations of the designer and not to take photos. This condition is made so that the creations of Christelle Vasseur remain exclusive and are not reproduced in another workshop. Once the first meeting is over, the designer makes a personalized quote within 24 to 48 hours.

Finally, if what you are looking for is only professional advice from the designer, she offers you personalized appointments from 1 hour to 60€ . For example, if you have questions about “ how to accessorize your outfit”, “which lingerie will be best suited” or even “what retouching should be considered” ,... Christelle Vasseur will answer all your questions during this personalized interview.

Make an appointment by phone (06 64 71 35 68) or on the website

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