Christelle Vasseur, First tailor-made couture designer certified Origine France Garantie

Christelle Vasseur, Première créatrice couture sur-mesure certifiée Origine France Garantie

"When the fight against global warming involves consuming locally, being seriously informed about the origin of products becomes essential. Because the mentions "made in France", "designed in France", "made in France" are self-declared and vague, the Origine France Garantie (OFG) certification, created in 2010, attests to the French origin of a product and gives guarantees to consumers in terms of traceability.

Christelle Vasseur, designer of made-to-measure wedding and cocktail dresses, is
the first and THE only professional in its category to be OFG certified in France. Meeting with a passionate woman, Girondine moreover!"


Find the interview in its entirety in the magazine, section 100% Green.

Article written by Marie-Laurence Prince, published in November 2020.

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