How to dress for a civil wedding?

Comment s'habiller pour un mariage civil ?

That's it, you're getting married at the town hall! For this big day, what outfit to adopt?

First, let's dive back into the context: what is the difference between civil marriage and religious marriage?

The civil marriage differs from the religious ceremony: it is a marriage formalized by a public authority of a State. Unlike religious marriage, which is not officially recognized by law since it is celebrated by the representative of a religion, civil marriage is compulsory in order to be recognized.
Choosing to celebrate both offers you a considerable advantage: create two outfits, for twice the fun! Your civil wedding outfit is often very different from that of the religious wedding, and if you do not want a wedding dress for this ceremony, several choices are available to you.

But how do you choose your civil wedding outfit and where to start?

First of all, selecting his/her creator seems to us to be the first step. Civil wedding collections are generally not made to measure. Designers and creators of made-to-measure wedding dresses then offered a civilian collection, with different models: structured tops, Calais lace tops, bare backs, crop tops, bottoms such as skirts and pants, as well as only short dresses. They offer a variety of models to satisfy all your desires. If you opt for the two-piece outfit, these can be postponed later, for other occasions, and separately.
Then, choose an outfit that suits your body type and in which you will feel comfortable walking to the town hall. It is essential that your civil wedding outfit looks like you, because it is on this occasion that you will formalize your union. Do not hesitate to ask the creators for advice!

Long sleeves or short sleeves?

The decision is once again a big one… We strongly invite you to look at our Ivory collection to help you make a choice. Know that everything is possible thanks to our two long-sleeved tops, Romane and Camille and our three short-sleeved tops Pauline , Julie and Jade . You will also have the possibility to choose a tank top thanks to our Clémentine and Arthur tops.

How about the pants?

Do you want a change? Dare to wear trousers for your civil wedding! Everyone loves to see brides in pants. Choose it well, and aim for a more classic color like white or ivory so that you can always be identified as the bride. The Alexis pants from our Ivory collection will play the game perfectly. Timeless, feminine and elegant, they will lengthen your silhouette and you can easily wear them for another occasion.
If you decide to go more classic, we invite you to discover the Carolle skirt which will go perfectly with all our tops from this same collection. You will swirl with happiness!
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