Different styles of wedding dress

Différents styles de robe de mariée

Princess, bohemian, open back... which dress to choose for your wedding?

The bohemian dress

Comfortable and ample, the bohemian dress will highlight your curves in a romantic way. The fine lace will bring elegance to this dress without taking away its simplicity and lightness.
Made-to-measure bohemian wedding dress Christelle Vasseur Burgundy

The princess dress

Who has never dreamed of wearing a dress worthy of a fairy tale? With a fitted bodice and a voluminous skirt, the princess dress will bring a magical touch to your wedding. To accentuate this effect, you can also opt for a more or less long train according to your tastes and desires.
Made-to-measure wedding dress Princess Christelle Vasseur Burgundy

The mermaid dress

If you want to show off your curves, this is the mermaid dress for you! It will perfectly fit your figure at the bust, waist and hips, and will flare out from the knees. This dress will highlight your curves in a captivating way, with a sexy touch that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The bare back dress

There are many forms of bare back: plunging, in the middle of the back, supported by very thin straps, inverted, asymmetrical, symmetrical neckline... which adapts to all forms of wedding dresses: bohemian, princess or even mermaid. What to find your happiness.
The bare back dress will give you a majestic look and bring a touch of sensuality.
Made-to-measure backless wedding dress Christelle Vasseur Burgundy

The buttoned back dress

Whether you choose a bare back or not, the buttons in the back will sublimate your dress with a touch of elegance. All along the back or just to hide a zipper, they will bring delicacy and detail to your dress.
Made-to-measure wedding dress buttoned in the back Christelle Vasseur Burgundy

The two-piece dress

We always hear about the wedding dress, but why not opt ​​for the two-piece wedding dress? While preserving the style of the wedding dress, the top and the skirt will bring a touch of modernity to your outfit. All styles and all shapes are possible according to your tastes and desires. By favoring the two-piece dress, this will allow you to wear the two parts, separately or not, for a ceremony or a trip to the beach.
Made-to-measure two-piece wedding dress Christelle Vasseur Burgundy

Asymmetrical skirt

Want to show off your legs but also want a train? Whether for a classic dress or a two-piece dress, opt for the asymmetrical skirt. It will show off the front of your legs in an elegant way, and the train will fly to the rhythm of your steps in a graceful and distinguished way.

Getting married in pants

The most important thing when getting married is to feel comfortable. If you are not used to wearing dresses you can always turn to the two-piece dress. But have you thought about the pants? Even if it is more usual outside weddings, it is still comfortable and ample. It will bring elegance to your outfit, and the chosen top will complete the look by bringing detail.
Here, discover the Alexis pants worn with the Camille top , worn by our pretty Camille at her wedding!
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